My system has started with full volume, how can I prevent that from happening?

Startup level (Option 1)

At factory default, Genelec monitors will start up at full level in standalone mode (without GLM control). That won’t be always suitable and can be changed by storing the acoustic settings to the monitors and adapter. To store settings, including a startup level:

  • Click Store to Loudspeakers from Group Preset menu.
  • Set Startup level so that it’s suitable (e.g. -45dB).
  • Click Store button to store settings.


After this, monitors will always power up at the selected startup level. GLM will override this, and the system is able to reproduce very high levels when GLM volume fader is set to e.g. 0dB.

Group sensitivity (Option 2)

The group sensitivity can be used to limit the maximum level of the system enabling the whole master level fader range to be used. This setting will be also stored with the acoustic settings to be used at startup.

E.g. if you are running GLM, you may decide you want the maximum level (or a standalone startup level) to be limited at -40dB. You can set the group sensitivity to -40dB:

  • Click Edit from the Group Preset menu.
  • Set Group Sensitivity to -40dB and confirm group.

  • mceclip1.png

After this, the system won’t reproduce a very high level with GLM. To prevent the system from playing very high levels at power up in the standalone mode, store settings to the monitors:  

  • Click Store to Loudspeakers from Group Preset menu.
  • Click Store button to store settings.
  • Acoustic settings and the group sensitivity will be stored to the monitors.

When monitors are powered up without GLM control, the level will be at the Group Sensitivity level.




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