How do I get the GRADE report?



1. Make sure to be logged in before you do the calibration. Use the 'Services' menu, or the button in the upper right corner. If you don't have a MyGenelec account yet, please register under

2. Calibrate your system.

3. Select 'GRADE Report Order' in the 'Services' menu.


GLM 4.2

Shortly after AutoCal, you will get a GRADE report sent to your email if you are logged into your Genelec Community account in GLM. If you are not logged in, go to 'User' then 'Login'. If you need to make a Genelec Community account, here's the link: Welcome - community (
When you go to run AutoCal, a new window entitled 'Preparations for Measurement' should come up. Please make sure you fill out the proper room dimensions as it is needed for some of the calculations done for the GRADE report. You can also write a description of your setup if you would like which will be included in the report. To receive a GRADE report, you do have to check the box that says 'Generate GRADE report'.



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