What is GLM?

GLM stands for Genelec Loudspeaker Manager and is a software to measure and control our range of SAM (Smart Active Monitors) loudspeakers and subwoofers. You can download the software here: www.genelec.com/glm

To use the software and to connect your speakers to the GLM network you need the GLM-kit: https://www.genelec.com/glm-kit

This kit consists of a network adapter and a calibrated measuring microphone. It is used to analyze how your playback system is influenced by the room at your listening position. And even more important – it will calculate settings for the DSP filters inside the speakers and subwoofers to compensate for these influences.

Important to know: The GLM network adapter doesn't do any audio processing. So you will still need an audio interface, a soundcard or another audio source like a streamer, a TV or an AV receiver. 

The setup is quite easy: you connect all of your speakers and also subwoofers (if you have any) to the network adapter with standard CAT-network-cables as a simple daisy chain (the order doesn't matter). The network adapter is connected to your PC or Mac. Download the GLM software from our website and you’re almost ready. The final step is to place the measuring microphone at your listening position and connect it to the network adapter.

Every speaker and subwoofer will now playback a sweep that is recorded by the measuring microphone. You can also measure multiple points.

At this point GLM knows, what is happening in your room and how this influences the playback (red curve). Our intelligent algorithm AutoCal now calculates the settings for the filters (blue curve). 


After this is done, you can listen to the result (green curve) and will hear the improvements: a cleaned-up, precise bass range, more overall clarity and higher resolution with a neutral sound character. This also ensures your mixes will translate to other systems and rooms.

If you like to, you can edit all settings manually – to further adapt it to your personal taste. For example, if the linear setting sounds a little too analytical for you – and you would like to add some warmth and a little more bass. The easiest way to do this is the Sound Character Profiler.



The use of groups allows fast switching between different settings – which also makes it easy to compare them. You can also switch between different listening positions.



GLM can also be your monitor controller with typical functions like SOLO/MUTE, you can bypass the bass management, and of course you can control the volume. If you don’t want to have GLM running on your computer all the time, it’s possible to save the settings into the speakers and to use them in stand-alone-mode. You still can control the volume with the GLM adapter and our wired volume controller or a wireless remote control. Just connect the adapter to a standard USB-power-supply.



To sum it up:

The interaction between room acoustics and your loudspeakers is complex. Our SAM-speakers and subwoofers are capable to automatically adapt to the acoustic environments. Via the Genelec Loudspeaker manager you can measure your system and control it. It can also help you to find the best placement for your system (also check out https://www.genelec.com/monitor-placement).

This will give you a natural and open sound with high resolution, a precise and punchy bass range, and a great stereo image – even in challenging rooms.




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