I'm experiencing listening fatigue, or feel that the sound is too bright. What can I do?

Our speakers are designed to deliver a neutral, flat frequency response with a high resolution. If you get the impression the overall sound is a bit too bright, you can easily adjust the level of the high frequency range. This can also be useful if you're experiencing listening fatigue. Feel free to try out different settings. Listening to some reference material you know well can be helpful to find the correct setting.


Changing settings with SAM™-series speakers and GLM

With GLM it is possible to lower the high frequencies of your system with the Sound Character Profiler (can be found in the Group Presets-menu). There are two profiler presets for that purpose: HF Tilt: 6kHz, -2 dB or HF Tilt: 6Khz, -4 dB. You can also select Manual in the drop-down menu and use the High Shelf 1+ filter to adjust it exactly to your needs.



With non-SAM™ speakers, or without GLM

Please use the DIP-switches (Treble Tilt) located on the rear panel to lower the treble level to your needs.





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