My TV remote contoller is not working correctly with F Two or F one Subwoofer, what could be the reason?

There is many reasons could cause the issue, and TV manufacturers constantly have changes on new TV models and remote controllers. Some possible reasons are listed below:


  1. When TV is turn off, the remote works with IR and the sub can be commanded, but when you turn on the TV, the communication on the remote switches to Bluetooth or another wireless and the IR is turned off.
  • Please look at the TV settings if it is possible to use only the IR feature - but if not, then unfortunately it is needed to think of other ways to adjust the volume or use the remote control that came with the F-series subwoofer.
  1. If you are using optical Digital audio signal from TV to the subwoofer, you can try the following
  •  Navigate to TV's universal remote settings and choose from the menu that you have i.e. Blu-ray player or Sonos player connected to the optical connector even though it really is F-Series subwoofer.


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