How does GLM calibration software work with the 6040R?

Based on decades of research data from thousands of rooms worldwide, GLM software runs on Mac or PC and integrates with the intelligent DSP hardware within the 6040R, allowing the 6040R to be networked, configured and individually calibrated for the user’s specific acoustic environment. GLM’s reference microphone kit allows the user’s room acoustics to be accurately analysed, after which GLM’s AutoCal algorithm automatically optimises each 6040R for playback level, frequency response and distance delay. At that point the user has many options for further manual adjustment of GLM, thereby achieving complete personalisation if required. Once calibrated, the settings may then be stored within the 6040R itself, and the computer and GLM may be disconnected. To use GLM with the 6040R, the user will first need to purchase the 8300-601 GLM kit, and the GLM software itself can be downloaded free of charge from




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