When, and which subwoofer I should use with the 6040R?

When should I use a subwoofer with the 6040R?
If you want to extend the low frequency response of a 6040R system and increase its overall playback level, then adding a subwoofer is recommended. A subwoofer will not only reduce the demands on the 6040R to reproduce low frequencies (therefore increasing the ‘headroom’ of the system), using one or more subwoofers can also help produce a smoother, flatter bass response – particularly in challenging rooms.


Which subwoofer do you recommend for use with the 6040R?
The optimal solution would be to use a pair of F Two subwoofers or a single 7360A subwoofer. Both will give excellent results, but since the 7360A is part of the Smart Active Monitoring range it has the extra flexibility of being compatible with Genelec’s GLM calibration software, much like the 6040R. Therefore, the entire system can then be configured and calibrated for the room using GLM, to give the best possible listening experience.




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