What are the advantages of GLM 4 over other types of calibration systems?

There are many. Firstly, the tight integration of Genelec Smart Active Monitoring hardware and GLM software ensures the best possible system performance and dynamic range, and allows the user to switch between monitor setups without having to use extra DAW outputs - or invest in costly external hardware. 

Secondly, the scalability of GLM 4 allows systems to be grown from mono or stereo to more than 80 channels of immersive reproduction, making it the most advanced, flexible and cost-effective room calibration system on the market. 

Thirdly, since management and optimisation of the system takes place at the end of the signal chain - in the monitors and subwoofers themselves - GLM 4 users can benefit from fixed low latency performance without having to bypass any monitoring software sitting on the master audio buss. This eases the creative process by avoiding the need to switch between ‘record’ and ‘mix’ modes, and once calibrated, GLM 4 settings can also be stored within the monitor or subwoofer itself, avoiding the possibility of accidental changes - and thus making GLM 4 perfect for multi-user rooms and demanding production environments.


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