I have a problem with a ISS™ (Intelligent Signal Sensing)

Below is a list of conditions which prevents the monitor or subwoofer to turn ISS sleep state. 

  1. Signal sensed from the analogue input.
  2. Digital bit clock sensed from the digital input.
  3. Commands received from GLM network.
  4. ISS is disabled.

It’s quite common that the digital audio source keeps the digital bit clock active when the source is powered ON. That prevents the monitor or subwoofer to turn ISS sleep state. There could be also some noise in the analog input that prevents ISS sleep state. To find the reason which input has a signal preventing to turn ISS sleep state, remove each cable one by one and see if ISS sleep state activates. 


What is ISS™ (Intelligent Signal Sensing)?

Genelec's ISS function saves energy through automated sleep mode function. It tracks the signal input to the monitor detecting whether it is being used. If the ISS circuit does not find any audio input for a period of time, it automatically sets the monitor amplifier to a low-power sleep state. The monitor automatically starts up again once an input signal is detected. This functionality meets with both European Union ErP Directives and Genelec's own wider sustainability commitments.


Energy saving Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) can be turned on to put the monitor or subwoofer automatically into a deep sleep state where the product consumes less than one Watt of power. Upon sensing an input signal the monitor automatically wakes up to full operation. The wait until entering the ISS power save can be configured using the GLM software (With SAM-series speakers).


In picture below, are all input signals monitored by ISS. Note that all monitor and subwoofer models haven’t e.g. the digital input, that condition can be ignored for those models.



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