Where does the volume control happen in SAM™ Systems?

Genelec SAM™ monitors and subwoofers implement the volume control as a part of the DSP processing inside each unit. Decreasing the value makes the audio sample values smaller. This is done using proper dithering and with sufficient dynamic range so that there is no increase of distortion or noise at any setting of the volume control. Because of this, using an analogue volume control cannot bring any further benefit.

Volume control is the last operation after actual signal processing just before feeding signal to DAC. It is the only practicable solution, as analog gain control after DAC won't work on 2-way or 3-way designs without balance problems.  Same goes with DAC with build-in gain control.

The command to set the volume to a specific value is created in the GLM software and is passed on to all monitors and subwoofers via the Genelec GLM control network. 




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