Can I use Genelec SAM subwoofer with non-SAM Genelec speakers?

Yes you can, with some limitations in mind.


7350A Subwoofer

Without SAM-speakers the signal passing through the “OUT” connectors is full bandwidth, i.e. not filtered. Because of this, the “BASS ROLL-OFF” switch on the main loudspeakers must be switched ON to avoid unwanted overlapping of the frequency bands between the subwoofer and main loudspeakers.


You can use 7350A subwoofer in example with 8020A or 8030A products. When used this way, it is required to turn Bass Roll of -6dB 85Hz DIP-Switch to ON. Some products i.e. 8030C has only -4dB Bass Roll off, as originally it was originally designed to be only used with 7050C subwoofer that has bass management on its own. Therefore using -4dB Bass Roll off can give you decent result, it may still not be the optimal solution.


The phase adjustment for 7350 can only be done using GLM (GLM-kit is required). If you want to find out the correct setting for your system please check out the instructions for phase adjustment from the manual of 7050C. 







7360A, 7370A, 7380A, 7382A Subwoofers

We highly recommend to use GLM with these subwoofers. When you use GLM you should apply high passing when using non-SAM seakers from GLM edit view "High pass analog outputs 85Hz".




If you don’t have GLM you can use the DIP-switches of the sub to optimize its frequency response for your room and the positioning. You also can select the correct phase adjustment.

Phase setting:

To find out the correct setting for your system, please check out the instructions for phase adjustment from the manual of subwoofer.
You can set it manually using the dip-switches or with GLM (GLM-kit required).




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