Where is Genelec products manufactured? What parts have been used?

All Genelec monitors are always built in-house at our factory in Iisalmi.

Choosing parts for Genelec products is as complex as any other part of the design process. Consideration must be given to various aspects including, but not limited to the following: Part specifications; reliability; compatibility with other parts; availability now and in the future; supply chain, certification issues; modularity; cost. There are both custom parts and stock parts in use at Genelec.

Many “parts” are already assemblies of more subparts. Of these, some are assembled in-house and others are outsourced.

All decisions in Genelec are guided by our mission and values. This can result in unusual or even unique choices. We take pride in the high level of in-house vertical integration and the sustainability of our design and manufacturing in Finland. Our products are design to last.

In Iisalmi we run a modern, lean factory process that includes electronic component placement/soldering, custom driver assembly, final speaker assembly, and calibration. This in the same building as our R&D, service, and other departments, ensuring high levels of quality control and support.



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