What headphones can I use with the Aural ID plug-in?

The Aural ID plug-in works with any high-quality professional headphones. The Aural ID plug-in offers precise compensation of certain headphone types, via the Headphone Type selection. This accurately addresses the unique characteristics of your specific type of headphones. When a specific headphone type is selected from the library of models within the plug-in, your full HRTF provides the highest accuracy for you for both audio direction and sound colour. The full HRTF contains both the personal Common Factor (also called Common Transfer Function) and the Directional Factor (also called Directional Transfer Function) of the HRTF specific to you.

Currently Aural ID includes these headphone type selections:

Audio Technica ATH-M50X
Beyerdynamic DT770 250
Beyerdynamic DT990 250
Sennheiser HD600
AKG K240 studio
Audeze LCD-2C
Sony MDR-7506
Neumann NDH20

If your headphone type is not available within the plug-in as an option to select, you can always use the headphone type 'other'. Selecting this preserves the natural sound character of your headphones while providing the best effort to deliver directional information. This option does not apply the general colouration component of your personal HRTF (called the Common Factor or Common Transfer Function) and therefore the headphone characteristics will influence the sound more.

(article updated 9.2.2022 / please see latest information from Aural ID plugin itself)


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