Why have Genelec introduced Aural ID plug-in and what problem does it solve?

While we firmly believe that in-room loudspeaker monitoring is unrivalled during the recording
and mixing process, high quality headphones play an important role as a supplementary monitoring
tool. However, traditional headphones don’t provide an accurate reference, since they introduce
colouration and are unable to reproduce the natural sense of space and direction that in-room
monitoring provides, with the sounds appearing to sit ‘inside’ your head rather than in their correct
position in the mix. In addition, level-panning (a very common mixing technique), gives unreliable
results when using traditional headphones.

Aural ID addresses these problems by delivering headphone listening with a natural sense of imaging
that is modelled on in-room loudspeaker monitoring, enabling more reliable headphone mixing
decisions than ever before - and allowing seamless switching between in-room and headphone
monitoring. Few have systematically investigated what ‘personally neutral’ means when it comes
to headphones. We cannot offer that insight verbally, but we can show the path, and provide all the
elements needed. One of the primary benefits of the Aural ID plug-in is that you will get to know
yourself better as a headphone listener.




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