Can I connect my digital SAM-monitors to S/PDIF directly?

SAM-series can be connected to a SPDIF directly, with noticing some limitations.


To connect Genelec Digital (SAM) monitors to audio source S/PDIF connector, it is recommended to use Digital cable with specification below:


Characteristic impedance: 110 Ω      
Cable type: Twisted pair cable intended for AES-EBU digital audio transmission
Connectors:  XLR (male) - XLR (female)  


As this cable is XLR-XLR cable, you would also need an simple XLR-RCA adapter to get the cable connected to the SPDIF connector in your sound source.



The S/PDIF signal voltage is a fraction of that in the AES/EBU. Also, S/PDIF is not a differential transmission line, making it more prone to external disturbance. S/PDIF has not been designed for long distances in the same ways as the AES/EBU link has. We recommend to keep the cable length less than 8 meter when using 75Ω cable.


What is the best method to connect SAM-monitors to S/PDIF?

To use Genelec Digital monitors with S/PDIF input signals, best method is to use impedance matching converters (available for example from Neutrik) and short cable lengths because the S/PDIF link is not designed to travel long distances. The Neutrik converter takes care of the fact that the terminating impedance of S/PDIF is 75 ohms and that of AES/EBU is 110 ohms. This is the most robust solution to connect our SAM-monitors directly to S/PDIF.


Volume controlling

It is advisable to use the GLM software if you do this because GLM will then work as the volume control for the whole system (note that some source can control their S/PDIF outputs and some cannot). This means a GLM should be connected to the system.

GLM can also be used in "stand alone mode" without the software opening. Please refer to GLM Operating Manual for more information.


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