What sort of cable should I use for digital connections?

AES-EBU (professional applications):

Characteristic impedance: 110 Ω      
Cable type: Twisted pair cable intended for AES-EBU digital audio transmission
Connectors:  XLR (male) - XLR (female)   
Maximum cable length: Determined by cable losses, maximum 100 meters (330 ft)


Optical cable (F series subwoofers, second revision):

Cable type: TOSLINK standardized optical fiber connector cable

Connectors: TOSLINK connector JIS F05


Coaxial RCA cable (F series subwoofers, second revision):

Cable type: Coaxial RCA 75 Ohm

Connectors: RCA


Please see also the following article: Can I connect my digital SAM-monitors to S/PDIF directly?






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