In which countries can I use my speaker, what are standard mains voltages?

Certain Genelec speakers and subwoofers offer a wide mains voltage input range and can be used anywhere in the world with the suitable local mains cable. These products use standardized mains connectors on the products, and hence the needed mains cable can always be obtained locally if the product is moved to another country.

Certain Genelec products support fixed mains voltage, only. Check the printing close to the Genelec product main input to determine the mains voltage and mains frequency the product works with. If fixed mains voltage products are used in countries having a different mains voltage, a suitable external step-up or step-down transformer is required. Consult your local electrician regarding these transformers. The power handling capacity of the external transformer must meet or exceed the power consumption printed on the Genelec product.


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