My installation requires acoustical compensation. Can I do this with Smart IP?

Yes you can! Smart IP speakers feature a set of 20 freely assignable frequency correction filters that can be set to work as fully parametric notches and high/low frequency shelving filters to precisely compensate for room colouration effects. Delay and level alignment controls are also provided to align loudspeakers correctly for a variety of situations - such as creating precise playback systems for immersive audio applications, presentations using microphones, sound reinforcement applications as well as background music purposes.

Each Smart IP loudspeaker offers internal memory presets to support several complete setups that can be easily recalled using public API commands. This enables house automation systems to quickly reconfigure even large installations for new users with excellent acoustic precision.

Smart IP loudspeakers have proven high-quality acoustic design that guarantees excellent performance even in acoustically challenging rooms and spaces. With the integrated room compensation features this ensures fast and accurate deployment for any installed audio application.




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