How do I update the firmware on the 4400 series using Smart IP Manager?

In Smart IP Manager, the loudspeaker shows a green notification icon when a firmware update is available in the Genelec Cloud. To update the firmware:

  1. Select the loudspeaker to be updated in the device tree.
  2. Open the ‘info’ tab and click the ‘Update’ button or right-click on the loudspeaker line and then select 'Update firmware'. During the update, the notification icon turns blue.
  3. When the upload of firmware has finished, the loudspeaker will go offline for a moment. When the loudspeaker wakes up and reappears on the network, an orange icon is indicating that the update has been successful and needs to be confirmed.
  4. Confirm the update by opening the 'Info’ tab and clicking the ‘Confirm’ button or by right clicking the loudspeaker and selecting 'Confirm update'.  This is necessary to keep the new firmware. If the confirmation is not done, the loudspeaker reverts back to previous firmware version after the next reboot.





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