GLM Network Adapter and Wired Volume Controller 9310B compatibility check


The current version of the Genelec volume controller 9310B is compatible with GLM network adapters which have been manufactured AFTER March 2017.

The old version 9310A, which is discontinued, is compatible with all adapters.

If you have the adapter that are manufactured around March and you like to check.
Or you are not sure about the manufacture date.
You can always check more detail by opening the GLM Adapter tab.

->If the number is greater than 0 0.0.64, then your adapter is compatible with 9310B (for example picture below is 0

->If the number is 0 0.0.64 then that mean you  got the older version, which is not compatible with 9310B

->If the number is 0.0.0 the firmware need to be update in order to get info.

NOTE: Please make sure that the firmware of your GLM network adapter is up-to-date.
The adapter firmware can be updated via the GLM software. This is how you do it:

Adapter version.png

If you encounter any issues with your adapter, please contact your local dealer/distributor for further support. Here you can find their contact details:





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