What is Genelec's goal when designing an active studio monitor?

According to our design philosophy, studio monitors must produce uncoloured and neutral audio, and thereby deliver the sound track content unmodified to the listener. The monitor or subwoofer must not add anything to the signal, neither should it remove anything from it.

The monitors and subwoofers are adaptable to different rooms and installation locations and can also compensate and eliminate room influence to audio quality. In addition, they are reliable and able to handle the heavy work load required in professional audio applications. As with any other engineering solution, in the physical real world there are design trade-offs. The design of a professional studio monitor balances the following parameters:

- Cabinet size is minimized

- Low frequency cut-off is set to as low as possible, to enable the system reproduce also low bass frequencies

- Maximum sound pressure level output is maximized

- Sensitivity is set to the appropriate professional range while the idle channel noise is kept inaudible

- Distortion is minimized

Note that sound quality is not a matter open to debate - it must never be compromised.




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