What are the advantages of SAM™ Systems compared with Analogue ones?

The Advantages of SAM™; Systems Compared with Analogues systems:


Networked Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) systems feature automatic calibration to the environment. System control and management in normal daily use is also possible with GLM software, enabling system volume control, multiple easily loadable setups, level monitoring and loudness calibration. SAM systems can be combined using all SAM monitors and subwoofers to any required playback channel count. These systems also feature EAS/EBU connectivity and full bass management system when used with SAM subwoofers.


The Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM™) is a computer program that provides control of all monitors on the network:

- Over 40 monitors and subwoofer can be defined and controlled via standard CAT cabling.

- Functions and settings are stored in System Setup files or directly into each monitor.


- AutoCal is an automated algorithm that runs within GLM using a calibrated Genelec measurement microphone (included).

- Correctly sets levels, distance delays, phase (for subwoofers) and room response equalization.

- SinglePoint and MultiPoint microphone locations for one, two or three-person mixing environments.

-Large number of freely assignalble filters enable also manual controls and fine tuning the automatically calibrated frequency response.





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