How to store GLM settings in SAM monitors and subwoofers?

To use the speakers in stand alone mode after performing a GLM calibration, you need to store the settings in the speakers and disconnect them from the USB adapter. Here is how it is done:

- Make sure the monitors have the "STORED" DIP switch in "ON" position (8320 and 8330 have it as default)

- Go to the "Group" menu in GLM 3 or "Group Presets" in GLM 4

- Choose "Store Group Settings" in GLM 3 or "Store to loudspeakers" in GLM 4

- Set the Startup Level, Standalone Max Level, ISS settings and Input Mode

- Press Store and Close

- Confirm settings

After this procedure the USB adapter is disconnected and the calibration data stored in the speakers will be loaded from their internal memory every time the speakers are turned on. If the GLM USB adapter is reconnected, the stored settings will be overidden by the GLM software and the loaded preset settings will again be taken in use. If the GLM USB adapter is then again disconnected (detach the CAT cable from the USB adapter connected to the first speaker in your setup, notice that the CAT cables connected in between the other speakers can be left untouched) the stored settings will be taken in use after power cycling the speakers.








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