What benefits The Ones have over standard SAM-series?


SAM monitors offer significant performance benefits over regular monitoring loudspeakers. For more details, please see here https://support.genelec.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013237659-What-are-the-advantages-of-SAM-Systems-compared-with-Analogue-ones-

The Ones monitors are SAM monitors but they offer several key be benefits on top of the befits of SAM.

Point source principle

The Ones monitors are point source monitors. This means that all audio frequencies seem to be radiated at the same position in space, at the centre of the tweeter driver.

Enhanced imaging

The point source working principle improves the stability and accuracy of the virtual sound images, enhancing the precision of sound imaging.

Woofer directivity

The Ones have excellent directivity control also at woofer frequencies. This can be a significant benefit as this reduces the level of acoustic reflections from nearby surfaces, which can be a key improvement in many acoustically challenged monitoring environments.

Enhanced low frequency directivity from woofer spacing

The Ones use a dual-woofer system where the two woofers are located at symmetrical positions in relation to the coaxial midrange-tweeter system, effectively producing a low frequency output system that appears to have large area and location at the same point with the coaxial system. The first characteristics contributes to creating the excellent directivity control at low frequencies and the second characteristic contributes to the point source operating principle at low frequencies.

Works well in horizontal and vertical configuration

Because The Ones are point source monitors and the off-axis sound character change is well controlled, they are perfectly safe to use in any orientation. There is complete freedom to choose the vertical or horizontal orientation. This is also an important benefit in immersive installations, where the monitor orientations may have to be adjusted as needed due to mechanical constraints.

No off-axis cancellations at crossover frequencies

In The Ones monitors there is a very a small sound colour change when the listening position moves away from the ideal acoustic axis, and this feature is similar in all off-axis directions. In monitors where the tweeter, midrange and woofer are located at different locations on the loudspeaker baffle, there is a significant variation of the sound colour in the direction where the relative timing between the monitors is changing fast. This is typically in the vertical direction, up and down. The largest sound colour change happens close to the crossover frequencies. This phenomenon does not exist in The Ones because they are point source monitors. This can be an advantage particularly in immersive multi-layer monitoring systems.

Minimum listening distance is < 0.4 meters

Just because The Ones use the point source principle, the minimum listening distance to these monitors can be very small, less then 0.4 metres (16 in). In conventional monitor designs where the tweeter, midrange and woofer are at different locations on the front baffle, the minimum listening distance must be considerably larger, typically clearly more than 1 metre, before the crossover filtering results in relatively flat frequency response on the acoustic axis. This means that The Ones are extremely flexible in use as the listening distance can be anything from Ultra-Nearfield  to large distance, enabled by the excellent directivity control and offering good performance in all rooms.


One important characteristics of The Ones design is low intermodulation distortion. This is significant as this maintains clean audio output and enhances the ability to focus on finer details and nuances in recordings.

Bass and midrange ranges are produced by different drivers

The Ones are three-way designs with dual woofer system. Compared to two-way designs this offers clear benefits as the woofer driver movement does not modulate the midrange frequency output, lowering the intermodulation distortion in The Ones compared to many traditional monitor designs.

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